At Ganeca, services focus on the real needs of our customers. We adjust to your requirements and are committed to meeting deadlines and guaranteeing safety on all fronts. Recent equipment, qualified drivers, advanced technology are among the advantages that we can promise you at all times.


The condition of our trucks and trailers contributes to customer satisfaction. We renew our fleet regularly.

  • 30 long-haul trucks
  • 3 city trucks
  • 110 two and three-axle closed dry boxes (53’ air suspension 110’’)

We faithfully maintain our equipment and material to put your mind at ease. Protecting your assets is a core value of our concept of customer service.

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ISAAC Incontrol

Ever performance-oriented, we use a telemetry solution designed by ISAAC to exceed customer expectations. There are many advantages to using this solution – for you and for us.

ISAAC allows us to track our trucks and trailers non-stop from their departure to their arrival at destination, contributing to rigorous dispatching management.

Thanks to performance reports generated automatically by the system, we can optimize solutions that reduce fuel costs. Other automated reports help us manage risk and compliance.

The use of this telemetry solution has a major impact on the quality of our services!


In order to offer the best possible service to our customers, we fully exploit the capabilities of BesRoute. This software program developed by Besner allows us to follow your delivery every step of the way, in real time. We can advise you of any delay or unforeseen circumstance, allowing us to mitigate any potential problem that might arise. A great advantage when shipping freight!

BesRoute allows us to:

  • Track the movement of all your goods;
  • Immediately inform you of any situation that might affect your shipment;
  • Extract information from shipping carried out on your behalf in the past and help plan your future shipping needs;
  • Offer you complete satisfaction.
Besroute program

Types of shipping

Ganeca specializes in truckload shipping with the guarantee that freight will be delivered on time and in its original condition. Each delivery in Canada or to the United States is planned so as to contain the freight of only one customer. This way, long, unnecessary delays are avoided - an added value along with our experienced drivers trained to carry out mechanical inspections.

  • Dedicated truck or trailer assigned to your goods
  • Possibility of structuring your shipping to include several pickups and deliveries
  • Reliable, efficient service

Types of goods

For more than half a century, Ganeca has been shipping freight across Canada and beyond the frontiers of the United States. The right logistical operations are used under every circumstance and for every type of freight shipped. Every necessary precaution is carefully followed by our employees.

We transport the following goods for customers on a daily basis:

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Agricultural products
  • Construction materials
  • Food and beverages
  • Mail
  • Chemical products
  • General cargo
  • Hazardous materials


In Quebec, the Société de l’assurance automobile (SAAQ) offers heavy vehicle operators the opportunity to adhere to a preventive maintenance program (PEP). The program allows these companies to waive mandatory period inspections of their vehicles at authorized inspection centres. This way, companies can have vehicle maintenance and repairs carried out by mechanics of their choice.

The PEP program ensures the roadworthiness of all freight vehicles for the benefit of all road users. Because safety is a key concern, we implemented the PEP in our company.

Our PEP is approved by the SAAQ, and we have obligations that protect you:

  • We ensure that our mechanics are qualified;
  • When an anomaly is detected, all major and minor repairs, adjustments and replacements are done correctly and immediately, or before the next scheduled maintenance procedure;
  • Maintenance schedules are followed;
  • Conformity stickers are affixed to our vehicles;
  • Maintenance sheets are completed and kept on file for further reference;
  • Etc.