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About us


Since its establishment in 1940, Ganeca has developed a wealth of experience based on unwavering professionalism and the ability to adapt and deliver on its promises. The company is now a member of the TFI International Network and a well-established industry leader in freight logistics and transport.

Because we fully understand the stakes and needs of our customers, we take every possible step to contribute to the success of their undertakings. Within Canada and from Canada to the United States or vice versa, we ensure that goods are shipped safely thanks to a fleet of nearly 140 recent trucks and trailers.


Our mission is to make things easy for our customers. Through our expertise, we offer facilitating solutions that correspond to the type of businesses they operate. We guarantee outstanding, complete service, acting as the go-between between our customers, their customers and the carrier organization. The latest technology is used to ensure on-time delivery and quality customer service, allowing us to remain at the cutting edge of innovation.


Our main goal is total customer satisfaction. We seek to establish long-term, trusting relationships with our customers and strive to offer solutions truly adapted to their reality. Great care is taken in scrupulously respecting agreements so that our vision may crystallize in the long term: to maintain our solid reputation and position as an industry leader.

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Careful transport planning offers our drivers the time needed to reach destination. It also allows us to ensure on-time delivery.


We regularly upgrade our equipment to ensure the safe delivery of freight entrusted to us.

Environmental responsability

Since we stayed informed of the latest technological developments, we are aware of the ecological equipment available on the market, and invariably opt for it.